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Andy recently reached out to me on Facebook and expressed a desire to help contribute to the mission here at the Military Money Manual. I’ve run this site as a solo operation for the past 16 months. It’s been fun but I haven’t been able to produce as much content and write as much as I’d like due to being so busy with my day job.

I think some fresh perspective and new insight into managing your personal finances while serving in the military is always a good thing. Andy has some good experience with VA loans, the GI Bill, and other military financial topics I haven’t yet addressed on this site.

He also comes from the Navy, which brings a whole new branch onto the MMM site. He’s been around the world in some pretty interesting places.

Here’s Andy’s bio as a way of introduction. Welcome aboard! -Spencer


Hi, my name is Andy Sheep, and I’m an LT in the US Navy. I’m a doctor, currently doing an outservice residency in Emergency Medicine at UPenn in Philadelphia.

I joined the Navy during medical school at Temple Med School, also in Philly, going through the HPSP program. I did an internship at the National Naval Medical Center (currently Walter Reed) in Bethesda, then did 6 months of training in Undersea Medical Officer (UMO) Candidate school at Groton, CT and Panama City, FL. I did two UMO utilization tours, two years in Bahrain, two in Guam, before coming back to Killadelphia…sorry, Philadelphia 🙂

Planning to start my own website, I saw that Spencer had already created one very similar to what I had envisioned; I asked him if I could join him instead of start from scratch, and he was cool with that.

I joined this website because I’ve seen a lot of lives, especially amongst sailors in my commands, get ruined because of poor financial education and choices, and I wanted to help to remedy that.

I firmly believe that every military member can live comfortably and well on a military salary, if they make the right choices. Spencer and I have lots of experience and tricks to help you get there.

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Andy Sheep Joins the Military Money Manual Team

4 thoughts on “Andy Sheep Joins the Military Money Manual Team

  • August 18, 2013 at 20:35

    Welcome, Andy, and as a retired submariner I’d like to add: “Ouch!” Just kidding.

    I like the idea of several bloggers sharing the audience (and the workload) on one blog. I’m looking forward to your posts!

  • August 20, 2013 at 04:26

    Doug, thanks, it’s good to be here. Your website is a big inspiration, and I hope the new owner, Curtez, can keep the good stuff coming. I like what Spencer’s got going, and hopefully I can add something to his already great website.


  • September 9, 2013 at 17:49

    Welcome, Andy. It’s always good to read different perspectives, and those serving in different career fields and other services usually bring something unique to the table. I look forward to reading some of your posts.

  • October 9, 2013 at 17:32

    Hеy there! I’ve been follοwing youг web site foг some tіme now
    anԁ finally got the brаvery to go aheаd and give you a shout out from Lubbοсk Τеxaѕ!
    Just wantеd tο tell you keep up the fantastic job!


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