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frontier-airlines-world-mastercard-reviewI don’t have this card any more but I do have a list of the best credit card sign up bonuses!

Frontier Airlines is smaller Denver based air carrier that has a growing national and international footprint (see route map). From their Denver hub you can reach several Mexican destination as well as most of the major cities around the US: San Fransisco, Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, etc.

Frontier also has a generous frequent flier program. For only 20,000 miles (and $2.50 in fees per leg of your trip), you can purchase a roundtrip ticket anywhere Frontier Airlines flies. Even if you’ve never flown with Frontier before, the new The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard® can get you flying to your next vacation or family gathering with it’s 50,000 mile signup bonus!

That’s enough for two roundtrip tickets on Frontier, plus you’re halfway to your next roundtrip ticket.

50,000 Frontier Airlines World Mastercard Bonus Miles

The Frontier Airlines card offers 40,000 bonus miles when you spend $500 with the card in the first 90 days of card membership. If you spend $50/week on gas and groceries (a pretty low number), you’ll hit this spending minimum in just 70 days, plenty of time before the offer expires. No need to spend money you wouldn’t have spent anyways!

The $500 spending minimum is the easiest way to pick up the two free tickets. The card also offers 1 bonus mile for every $1 transferred to the card balance from another card, up to $10,000 or 10,000 points. However, there is a 3% balance transfer fee, so this will end up costing you $300. I do not recommend this way of picking up additional miles.

The 40,000 miles for $500 of spending are enough for two tickets, so why complicate your life with balance transfers? Additionally, there are no blackout dates associated with Frontier frequent flier miles (they call the program “EarlyReturns”). That’s a useful feature to have with airmiles.

Value of the Bonus Miles

frontier-airlines-world-mastercard-review-50000-mile-bonusI priced a roundtrip flight for one adult from New York City to Seattle at $638. That would make the value of the miles bonus worth over $1200! Obviously your mileage will vary based on your departure and arrival locations, but if your future travel plans include any of the major US cities, or especially Denver, this is definitely a great card for you.


The two “gotchas!” to watch out for with this card is the $69 annual fee and the 3% balance transfer fee. There are much better “no-fee” balance transfer options out there. I do not recommend transferring any credit card balances to this card.

Pay off those balances if you can, but if you can’t look into getting a 0% APY credit card with no balance transfer fees, like the Chase Slate.

As for the $69 annual fee, while unavoidable it should just be considered part of the cost of your two free tickets. If the card doesn’t meet your needs, make sure you close your account before the next annual fee is charged (make a note on your calendar so you don’t forget).

Frontier Airlines vs. Barclaycard Arrival

Barclaycard, the US division of British Barclay Bank, issues this card along with the awesome $440 cash back Barclaycard Arrival credit card. Between the two cards, I would definitely go with the Arrival card first, as the points are much more flexible and the annual fee is waived for the first year.

If you’ve already picked up the Arrival card, then the Frontier card will save you hundreds on your next trip. If you consider the $69 annual fee as part of the cost of your tickets, two roundtrip tickets will set you back 40,000 bonus miles, $10 in security fees, and $69 in annual fees. That’s only $79 out of pocket for more than $1000 worth of airfare.

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Two Free Roundtrip Tickets from Frontier Airlines – 40,000 Mile Bonus for $500 of Spending

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