Military Money Manual Book – Hardcover, Ebook, Audiobook, Paperback

This is the book I wish someone had handed me on my first day in the military.

I consolidated everything I've learned about achieving financial independence in the military in this book.

The Military Money Manual hardcover book

Available for purchase in the Military Money Manual Shop, ships next business day.

Military Money Manual Book Review

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Military Money Manual Book Summary

Don’t know an IRA from a TSP, or an SCRA from an CZTE? Fear not: The Military Money Manual is here to help.

In this concise, no-nonsense guide, Air Force Major Spencer C. Reese, founder of the popular personal finance site, offers invaluable tips and tricks to help servicemembers of all ranks, branches, and bank account levels gain financial independence.

Along with laying out the fundamentals of building wealth while serving, the book explains how to take maximum advantage of the unique financial perks available only to servicemembers, whether active duty or reserves, officers or enlisted. Said benefits include special tax-deferred savings plans, preferential bank loans, fee waivers on high-end credit cards, and much, much more.

Personal finance shouldn’t be intimidating or boring. With its candid, accessible tone, The Military Money Manual feels like having a beer with a good (and financially savvy) friend. So pull up a chair, get comfortable, and learn how to make your military money work for you.

Hardcover, ebook, and audiobook available for purchase in the Military Money Manual shop, ships next business day.

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