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43 thoughts on “Contact Military Money Manual and Spencer”

  1. Hello Spencer,

    My wife and I are pursuing a strategy to reach the maximum of 10 charge cards and 5 credit cards each, from Amex like yourself. But it got me wondering, what happens when you get out of active duty??? What’re you going to do with all those platinum, hilton, marrriott and delta cards?

  2. Good morning Spencer,

    I tried applying the MLA benefit to my Citi AA execute elite MC like you explained on the post. I received this notification as being ineligible: We reviewed your account and determined that it doesn’t qualify for coverage since you weren’t a covered borrower at the time your account was opened.

    Do you know of anyone that was in this situation before?

    • Yes it’s a very common situation with Citi, which is why I recommend Amex and Chase cards before moving on to Citi.

      Did you follow the steps exactly?

      You checked the MLA database before you applied for the card?

      You left a balance on the statement in the month you were charged the annual fee?

  3. Spencer, long time follower.

    My wife was just denied MLA benefits on her legacy Delta Gold card – she had the card prior to us being married – and Amex is not able to waive her annual fee even though we show up in the MLA database. Data point – her CSR annual fee is waived. How do I get her annual fee waived for Amex? Should we close her Amex account and then reopen a new Amex card? Trying to figure out a resolution so we can take advantage of P2 mode. Any help is appreciated!

    • If she had the account prior to marriage, then it is not eligible for MLA benefits. The account must be established (opened) while she is listed as eligible in the MLA database.

      Close the Amex Delta Gold card and open a better Amex card, like Amex Gold or Amex Platinum. If she/you want another Amex Delta card, I recommend the Amex Delta Reserve as the best Delta card for military families.

      Or downgrade that Amex Delta Gold account to the no annual fee Amex Delta Blue card, if it’s her oldest open card.

      I’m glad she’s already got a Chase Sapphire Reserve with fee waiver!

      One more time for clarity: To get MLA fee waivers, the account must be established when she is listed as eligible in the MLA database. After she married you and was listed as a dependent in DEERS.

      An account opened before active duty might be eligible for SCRA benefits so you could try applying for those. You (as the active duty servicemember) might need to be added as an authorized user and then she applies for SCRA benefits.

      Good luck, let me know how it goes!

  4. Hi Spencer,
    I have been listening to your podcast for about a year and have learned so much. I am in the United States Army Reserve and just recently (yesterday) opened a Roth IRA through Vanguard. I intend to max out my yearly contributions but I am wondering the implications between maxing my personal Roth IRA as well as contributing to my Army Roth TSP and Traditional TSP. Do these numbers both impact the $7,000 max or are they separate?

    Thanks! :)


    • Completely separate limits.

      Roth IRA is $7,000 for 2024
      Roth TSP is $23,00 for 2024.

      You could do both and contribute $30,000 to your retirement accounts in 2024.

      Congrats on opening the Roth IRA!

  5. Hey Spencer,

    I wanted to know if you think it’s possible to double dip on the CSR card as a military member (much like your open an Amex green card, then upgrade to Plat strategy). My thought is to open a CF unlimited card, wait a year, then upgrade it to receive a 2nd CSR card. Any idea if this has been done before/successful? Thanks for any feedback!

  6. Hey Spencer! Love your podcast!

    I’m somewhat new to the travel card game and have a question I can’t seem to find an answer to.

    I am an active duty Air Force Captain. I recently applied for a Chase World of Hyatt card, for which I was denied. The letter stated it was due to “credit line on your Chase accounts is high relative to your income” and “too many recent requests for credit or reviews of your credit”.

    I applied for this card in August. I was approved for the Chase IHG this past June. Before that, I’ve purchased a home in April. I’m assuming the house purchase and IHG card are the biggest factors here, but was curious what you’d suggest as a good waiting period before trying to apply again.

    Thanks for any insight!

    – Brian

    • Yes, I would say give it at least until next year (January 2024) before applying for a new card due to the mortgage.

      You could also call Chase and ask them to reduce your credit available on your IHG card. Or ask if you could get approved for the World of Hyatt card if you moved some of the credit from your IHG card to the new WoH card.

      Have you updated your income with Chase? Remember to include all your tax free benefits like BAH and BAS when you list your income.

  7. A question for you: does a Navy Federal AmEx get points and all the same way a “normal” AmEx would? Will it help you work up to a Platinum or Gold? Or do you need to get a card from AmEx itself? Thanks.

  8. Hi Spencer. I came across your site because our family was looking into TSA Precheck. My husband is an Air Force veteran like you and I wondered what credit cards our family would benefit. I see many that are for active duty, but my husband put in 26 years and we were hoping we could get some benefits for that. Please share them. Thank you!

    • Unfortunately, Military Lending Act covered borrowers are only active duty, guard and reserve on 30 day or longer active orders, and dependents of any of the above.

  9. Spencer-

    This website is brilliant–I appreciate the work. Quick question: The AMEX platinum charges $175 for adding an authorized or additional card holder. Is this fee waived if I obtain a card for my spouse? I know in your articles you mention that my wife opening an account in her name gets the fee waived, but I didn’t see anything specific to fees getting waived for authorized users. Thanks for your time.

  10. What do you think about Capital One Savor student card as a starter card. It seems to have better reward than the Navy Federal card.

    • It’s fine. A starter card is just a starter card. If it has no annual fee and reports to a credit bureau, it’s fine. You’re not getting it for the travel hacking potential, just to establish your credit.

  11. Spencer,

    Great site! Just a question on your bonus post.

    The example you posted on eligibility has me a bit confused. Wouldn’t the example below have that pilot finish his ADSC in FY21 which is before FY22? It seems like he would be eligible for the FY22 bonus.

    “If you graduated on August 15, 2011, you would not be eligible for the FY22 bonus. You’d have to wait for the FY23 bonus to come out and immediately apply. Unfortunately, this does add months to your next contract”



      • “If you graduated on August 15, 2011, you would not be eligible for the FY21 bonus. You’d have to wait for the FY22 bonus to come out and immediately apply. Unfortunately, this does add months to your next contract.”

        I still think that example is wrong. He would expire in FY21 which falls in the “in or before” category. He would be eligible for the FY21 bonus.
        I think the better example is someone who expires in November 2012 since they would be in FY23 so not eligible for FY22.

        I think that’s right?

  12. Hello Spencer! Loved your book and always listening to your podcast.

    I am a new LT moving to Texas for UPT in Jan, I was wondering could I get the Amex Platinum to pay for my moving expenses before getting there? The problem I see it is I am not consider active duty until I get to my base; therefore I do not know if getting the card as a civilian a month before becoming active duty will enable me to waive the fees after I get all my paper work done. I am still triying to create an account in the MLA website but is not allowing me to finish the process. Best regards!

    • You could open the Amex Platinum card and apply for SCRA benefits but I think that’s a risky move. SCRA benefits require more work than just getting automatic MLA benefits once you’re in the MLA database.

      What I would do is open a Capital One Venture X Card and use that for your PCS moving expenses. Capital One only waives annual fees if you open the card account before active duty starts. Once you go active duty apply for Capital One SCRA benefits. Check the SCRA database before applying doe the Cap One military benefits.

      Then once you are on active duty, then I would start going after Amex Plat, Chase cards, and Amex Gold. Follow the military credit card guide here.

  13. Spencer
    Just got my Air Force commission From K-State ROTC, however my school does not start until Feb 2023, what should I do until then? Can I go on TDY or work for the Air Force in some way? My Dad gave me his GI bill can I use that?

    Thanks for any advice.

  14. Spencer,

    I love your site! I received the 100,000 Hilton points for me and my wife when I came off active duty orders, as learned your site. Thanks!!

    I’m a Reservist and I often go on/off active duty orders. While on orders last year I (and my wife) opened quite a few cards and the AF was waived on all of them. I came off 365 day orders on 2FEB22 and went back on 12 day orders from 28FEB – 12MAR. On 5MAR my wife opened a Cap1 VX card in which they have charged me the $395 AF. I called but the only thing that the representative could do was to open an inquiry on the account which might last up to 60 days.

    Do I have to open the account prior to active duty or while on active duty?
    I’m going back on 365 day active duty orders on 25OCT

    Thanks for all your help.
    Andrew Florence

    • You should be able to get annual fees waived on the Capital One Venture X if you apply for SCRA benefits. It should work if you opened the card while off active duty and then apply for the SCRA benefits with your 30+ day active duty orders.

  15. Hi Spencer,
    Love your site and the wealth of information you disseminate. I have a problem I wonder if you might be able to help. I am a reservist on Title 10 order for 364 days as of Jun. 2, 2019. I applied for AMEX Platinum Card. Amex is not waiving the annual fee for me stating ” i am eligible for SCRA-MLA benefits and can get 6% rate on a loan but since I applied for the card in Dec. It was after my orders started therefore I am not eligible.
    Ok first off I dont have a loan. I was just seeking the waiver for annual fee.
    I called customer service to try and correct this. I started to wonder maybe AMEX no longer waives the fee. I stated to the Representative that I had done so much research before applying and inquired if AMEX had indeed made a policy change. She was unaware. It felt like a hopeless situation. Can you give any advice on how to correct this and if AMEX has changed their policy. She called me back and was willing to open up another case number. Thank you.

  16. Does Navy Federal Credit Union offer a program similar to the SDP? I’ve heard from other soldiers that their credit unions wherever they’re from offers a similar program but the interest isn’t taxed as much.

    • The SDP is a unique program not offered anywhere else. Navy Federal may have offered some 10% CDs back in the 70s and 80s when interest rates where 10x higher than they are today, but I have heard of no other program that offers a guaranteed 10% return. Also, interest is taxed as interest, no matter where the interest is received from. The SDP does not offer tax free interest, even if you serve in a combat zone. However, because your taxable rate will drop to probably 0% or lower, you may not have to pay any tax on your SDP interest.

    • Many people do not know the specifics of the SDP. Last time I checked, you are eligible after 30 consecutive days in a combat zone OR three consecutive months. You can also put in up to $10K and get 10% on it. You can leave it for 90 days after leaving the combat zone, but if you go back down range, you reset your 90 days.

      If you consistently go down range, this is extremely advantageous. Aircrew or similar duties who go down range often can continue to reset their 90-day time frame every time they enter a combat zone. If you take your money out, you have to re-qualify to contribute (30 consecutive days or 3 consecutive months), but if you leave your money in the account, you reset your interest each time you enter a combat zone. I was able to get 10% interest this way for over three straight years.

      • Thanks for the great summary Mark! Check out my full SDP writeup. I’m actually getting close to hitting my 3 month window and will have to withdraw. But another deployment is right around the corner!

  17. Good morning:

    We are holding our first partnership with financial expert John Ulzheimer, and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) to host an exclusive event on Google Hangouts. As you are an expert in the field, I am reaching out to you so if you would like to feature a question on the chat. I would love to highlight your blog – and collaborate in any way.

    Please check out the event:, and get back to me with any questions you may have. I am open to discussing this by email or phone, whichever is best for you!

    Let me know! :)



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