Best Military Credit Cards With No Annual Fees


I get $5000+ in credit card fees waived every year. You can too.‚Äč

  • If you're a US military servicemember or spouse, let me show you how to get your first $550 annual fee waived.
  • Take my 100% free, 5 day, online course and I will show you how you can get the best luxury travel and cash back cards and pay no annual fees.
  • I get $5000+ in credit card fees waived every year. You can do it too and reap the fantastic benefits of these cards.

American Express Gold Card No Annual Fee for Military Upgrade to Platinum

Best Military Credit Card Welcome Offers 2019

Annual fees up to $595 waived for US military personnel and their spouses. Welcome bonuses valued at over $2000.


Optimal Order to Apply for Military Fee Waived Credit Cards

Don't miss out on optimizing your military credit card benefits! Apply in this exact order to maximize your SCRA and MLA benefits.

Military SCRA MLA AMEX Platinum

American Express Waives All Annual Fees for US Military Servicemembers and Spouses

American Express Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) policy offers all of their credit and charge cards to US military personnel and spouses without annual fees.

Chase Sapphire Reserve No Annual Fee for Military

Chase Credit Cards with No Annual Fee for US Military and Spouses

Since September 2017, Chase Military Lending Act (MLA) policy waives all annual fees on personal credit cards for active duty and spouses.

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Hey there, I'm Spencer. I'm an active duty US Air Force officer investing for financial independence by age 40.

Along the way I've discovered many strategies and tactics to maximize my wealth in the military.

I want to connect US military servicemembers and their spouses with the best military credit cards available. Most of these cards completely waive the annual fees for military servicemembers. Learn more about me and my site.

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Veterans Day 2019

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Microsoft Office Home Use Program (HUP) for Military Servicemembers

Get up to 30% off Microsoft Office 365 Home with your military email address.

McAfee Military Discount

McAfee Military Discount

Great savings for military servicemembers on McAfee Anti-Virus

Amazon Prime Veterans Day Discount

Get the 2019 Amazon Prime Veterans Day Military Discount, only available until 11 Nov 2019!

American Express Personal Loan for Active Duty MIlitary

AMEX 0% Personal Loan for Military

Up to $40,000 at 0% interest for 3 years. A great military deal from AMEX!