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The Ultimate Military Credit Cards Course

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The travel rewards hobby is booming. Credit card companies are desperate for you to use their cards and they are giving away THOUSANDS of dollars in travel rewards.

Some of the free benefits include: free airfare, free hotel stays, free UberEats, free Uber rides, free airline gift cards, free luxury airport lounges, free elite hotel status, and many other perks and benefits.

As a military servicemember, you have a unique opportunity to capitalize on these travel rewards because you do not need to pay any annual fees on most of the best travel and cash reward cards in the world.

This is a fun and lucrative hobby that I have spent thousands of hours researching and experimenting with. I want to share all of my knowledge in a 5 day course that will take you from a complete novice to someone who is ready to book their first free vacation!

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Lessons include:

  • An introduction to travel rewards for military personnel
  • How to get your first credit card if your credit score sucks
  • The Rules of the hobby
  • The ONE unique advantage military servicemembers have in this hobby that NO ONE else has!
  • How to Get SCRA and MLA Benefits applied to your AMEX and Chase credit cards to pay no annual fees
  • How to be flexible in your travel bookings to increase your chance of a great award redemption
  • The 3 kinds of travel reward credit cards available
  • The ULTIMATE Military Credit Card Travel Rewards Strategy
  • My personal strategy I used to rack up over 1 million points in 2 years
  • How to book your first free vacation with points!