Amex Pop Up Jail 2022 | How To Get Out, How to Avoid

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The American Express Pop Up is a tool introduced by Amex to check your eligibility for welcome offers before the bank checks your credit report.

This is good for you because it prevents an unnecessary hard or soft credit check. Limiting the amount of credit checks you have is important for an excellent credit score.

Unfortunately, getting the Amex pop up message means you may not be eligible to receive the welcome offer. Amex welcome offers can be substantial and are a big part of military travel hacking.

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Amex Application Pop Up

Let's review what the Amex pop up actually says. It's below in an image and text:

The Amex pop up text reads:

Spencer, based on your history with credit card balance transfers, American Express welcome offers, introductory APR offers, or the number of Cards you have opened and closed, you are not eligible to receive the welcome offer.
We have not yet performed a credit check. Would you still like to proceed?
Note: Your application will be considered withdrawn if no action is taken on this page.

Many people report getting this pop up even though they have never broken any of Amex's application rules. For me personally, I have never closed any of my Amex cards but I have opened quite a few. Over 40 cards to be exact. I have also never done a balance transfer or used an introductory APR.

If you get the pop up message, you can cancel your application and will have no record of the application on your credit report. Canceling your application should have no affect on your credit score.

It's unclear why some people get the Amex pop up. However, there are success stories of getting around the Amex pop up.

How To Get Around the American Express Pop Up

There are many data points available online of people being in the “Amex jail” and getting out but no consistent method to escape. Here's what most people do to escape the Amex pop up jail:

  1. Wait for a few weeks.
  2. Spend money across all their open Amex cards

Most people who successfully get approved for a card after receiving the pop up wait a few weeks or even months. They also spend a bit of money, at least $20, on each of their open cards.

Personally, I set up my automatic billing like Spotify and Netflix across all my cards and then set up auto pay from my checking account so I never miss a payment.

If you are in the Amex jail, fear not! You may soon be released. And then you can learn how to apply for awesome cards like:

What is Amex Pop Up?

The Amex Pop Up Jail is when you apply for an Amex card and you are informed that you are not eligible to receive the welcome offer.

What is Amex jail?

“Amex jail” is when you can't get approved for another American Express card because of your application history, number of cards opened or closed, or your use of introductory APR offers or balance transfers.

7 thoughts on “Amex Pop Up Jail 2022 | How To Get Out, How to Avoid”

    • I had a recent data point of a friend who was in and out of the pop-up jail in a few days. Put spend on some of his accounts and made a few large purchases. Was able to open an Amex Green card after less than 2 weeks in the jail. There is hope!

  1. I hate the amex pop-up! my wife and I are both stuck in jail now. It’s been 3 or so months for us. We tried even spending across the cards and all the tricks we’ve seen! :*(


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