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T-Mobile offers a military discount to active duty, guard, and reserve servicemembers for their post-paid mobile plans. The company also offers a discount to veterans.

I recently reviewed my T-Mobile bill to see if I was receiving the military discount and discovered I was not! I used to receive 15% off. So I set out to get the discount back on my account.

How To Get the T-Mobile Military Discount

The process is pretty simple. If you have an official military email address that ends in .mil like @mail.mil, @us.af.mil, @us.army.mil, @usmc.mil, @navy.mil, etc, than you can you the Employee Discount (https://validate.t-mobile.com/employee-discount) page and just input your military email address. The entire form should take less than 3 minutes to fill out.

Here is what the form and website look like:


I received an email almost instantaneously at my military address and clicked the confirmation link. I have not yet received a new bill with the discount applied, but I will let you know when I receive a bill with the discount applied.

T-Mobile Veteran’s Discount

If you are a veteran or don’t have easy access to your military email, you can upload another form of ID through the T-Mobile Advantage site: https://validate.t-mobile.com/advantage. Accepted forms of ID are:

  • DD214
  • Recent copy of your LES or retiree account statement (within the past three months)
  • Veteran’s ID Card
  • CWF ID Card
  • Military designation on valid state driver’s license
  • Veteran’s Advantage Card
  • Honorary Discharge Certificate

Make sure you redact or black out anything besides your name on the LES or any other documents you upload. You don’t need to spread your PII everywhere!

Verifying your military service, whether active or veteran this way will take an extra 7-10 days. If you have a valid military email address, I recommend you use that method as it seems to be much faster.

Have you successfully used your T-Mobile military discount? Let us know in the comments!

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T-Mobile Military and Veteran Discount

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  • December 18, 2016 at 08:40

    Thanks for the tip! I just uploaded my eRAS and I’m waiting on T-Mobile’s response.

    I’d love to go with a cheaper plan like Republic Wireless, but T-Mobile’s “Simple Choice” has been the best plan for global travel… from Bangkok & Japan to Europe.


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