Verizon Military Discount 2022 | Veterans, Active Duty, and Spouses

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The Verizon military discount is 15% for a standard plan or up to $25 off per account on the unlimited plans.

Saving money in the military is one of the most important steps to achieving financial independence. Reducing your fixed expenses frees up more money to spend on what you want or to invest.

Buying a cell phone plan with a military discount is a great way to save money while still staying connecting to friends, family, and work.

Who Qualifies for Verizon Wireless Military Discount?

A military member, veteran, cadet or Gold Star family member is eligible for the Verizon military discount. Military member is defined as active duty, Guard, or Reserve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

All uniformed services including NOAA and the US Public Health Service are also eligible.

Military family members and military spouses are eligible for the discount as long as the veteran or servicemember is the primary account holder.

Military cadets at the service academies such as West Point Military Academy, Annapolis Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs are eligible for the discount. Cadets in ROTC should be eligible as well if they are contracted and have a military ID.

Military retirees are eligible for the Verizon military discount as they fall under the veteran category.

How to Activate Verizon Military Discount

You can activate your discount through this link here. Scroll about half way down the page to “Verify your eligibility or check on the status of your military discount.”

You will be asked to create a “Veterans Advantage” account to verify your military service with either a Facebook or email login. The MilVet ID system will be used to automatically verify your military status after asking a few questions.

Verizon Military Discount

You can also register for the discount in any Verizon retail store.

Verizon Unlimited Plans for Military Pricing

StartPlay MoreDo MoreGet More
1 Line$60$70$70$80
2 Lines$95$115$115$135
3 Lines$110$140$140$170
4+ Lines$120$160$160$200
verizon unlimited plans with military discount

The regular Verizon Start Unlimited plan with 4 lines is $140. With the military discount, the price drops to $120 per month, so you save $20 per month, $240 per year, or about 14%.

Verizon Deployment Benefits

Verizon Wireless military discount

Verizon Wireless will suspend your service while you are on a military deployment. You can suspend service through the My Verizon app or online. Service suspended for a military reason can be paused for up to 3 years and 90 days.

Verizon Military Discount Plans FAQ

How do I get my Verizon military discount?

The easiest way to get the Verizon military discount is to sign up online. You can verify your service status through Veterans Advantage in a few minutes and add up to a 15% off discount.

Does Verizon give a military disount?

Yes, Verizon gives a 15% off military discount on all their standard cell phone plans. On Verizon Unlimited data plans, the military discount is set based on the number of lines you have. For instance, the Verizon Start Unlimited plan military discount is $20 off per month when you have 4 lines.

Does Verizon offer military discount on unlimited plan?

Yes, Verizon offers up to $25 off per month on Unlimited data plans for military. It depends on the number of lines you have. If you only have 1 line, it's a $10 off per month discount or about 14%.

Which cell phone carrier has the best military discount?

For unlimited data and 4 lines, the cost per month for military across the big 4 cell phone carriers is: T-Mobile (and Sprint) $100; Verizon $120; AT&T $108; U.S. Cellular $119. T-Mobile offers the best military discount but it might not offer the best coverage in your area.

Does Verizon waive activation fees for military?

It does not appear that Verizon waives activation fees for military, but it never hurts to ask! The worse thing they can say is no.

Does Verizon military discount apply to phones?

Verizon does not give a military discount on phones. There is a 25% off discount available to military on certain phone accessories.

How do I add military discount to Verizon?

The easiest way to add a military discount to your Verizon plan is to go to the Verizon military page. Once there, sign in or create a Veterans Advantage account, verify your active duty status, and activate your military discount.

What does Verizon need for military discount?

If you register for the discount online, you will create a Veterans Advantage account to confirm your military affiliation. The process should be automatic after answering a few questions through MilVet ID. You may need to use a DD214 if you are a Gold Star family member or veteran.

What is the best Verizon plan for military?

The best Verizon plan for military depends on how many lines you have. You can get unlimited data for as low as $30 per line if you have 4 lines on an account. If you are single, it might make sense to start an account with your buddies to save some money.

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