Microsoft Office 2019 Military Discount Home Use Program (HUP) Updated 2020

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Microsoft offers a great military discount on their Microsoft Office 365 Home and Personal. Normally, the Home package costs $99/year, but you can get it for $69/year through the Microsoft Home Use Program.

Active military servicemembers can get the entire Microsoft Office 365 Home suite for just $69/year, a 30% discount.

Activate your military discount on Microsoft Office through this link.

The 365 Home suite comes with the entire Office collection, not just the basics. You can also share the account with up to 6 family members, which is great for school kids.

You get the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access as well as OneDrive cloud based storage with 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes) per user (up 6 TBs).

Office 365 Home is compatible with Windows 10, iOS, Mac, PC, and Android. Since it's cloud based, you can use it on any internet connected device.

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This post was updated 7 December 2019.

How To Get The Microsoft Office Military Discount

Here is the simple 5 step process to get Microsoft Office 365 30% off military discount:

  1. Click here to purchase Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 with the military discount. It will take you to a page that looks like this:

2. Enter your military email address. NOT your personal email! For example,,,,,, or your deployed email address.

3. Check your military email address for an email from Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP). Forward this email to your personal email address so you can do the rest from home.

4. Click the link inside the email that you forwarded to your personal email from your military email. This will bring you to the checkout page. Select the version of Microsoft Office you would like to purchase and checkout.

5. The whole process shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Click here to start your Microsoft HUP purchase now. If you're having problems with the Microsoft HUP military program, see below the picture for some great tips from some of the commentators.

Microsoft Military Home Use Program Not Working

A BIG thank you to John’s extremely helpful comment below. He covered exactly what to do if the Microsoft Home Use Program code you were provided by your military branch isn't working. I’ll just copy and paste because he explains it all so clearly on what to do if your Microsoft Office military HUP code doesn’t work:

Best advice for folks who work in government (state or local) or the military is to contact Microsoft Technical Support if the program doesn't work for you. The agents that you can get in touch with can validate for you the work e-mail address and if not working they will help you out to get the Office products purchased and installed FOR FREE!

Option 1:
Phone: 1-800-936-5700 or 1-800-642-7676 (Microsoft Technical Support for North America)

NOTE: You first have to answer a robot some basic questions and then you get a live person.  To shortcut the process say this: “I have a problem with the Office 365 product from the Home Use Program.  I can’t purchase Office.” and in a perfect world you usually get a live person after that.  Long wait time though since there are only a small number of people that support these kinds of products.

Option 2:
Contact chat support through this link.

NOTE: Chat requires a Microsoft Account. Click the link above and in that link click the box that says “Get Started” and you then first have to answer a robot a series of questions and use the same spiel as when contacting Microsoft by phone.  After that you should get a chat link, which then requires the Microsoft Account.  If you don’t have one, you have to create one. Check this link on how to create a Microsoft Account.

Once you get a real person via phone or chat, please be very specific and patient with them.  Say you’re buying Office through the Home Use Program and provide your government or military e-mail address and they can take it from there.

THANK YOU JOHN! This should help a LOT of people out.

This is a great deal for back to school savings. If you are taking classes or getting your degree, or your kids need Microsoft Office for school, you can use your military HUP program code to get the program for almost free.

Please let me know in the comments if the Microsoft Office military discount worked for you, what your branch is, and what code worked or if you didn't use a code.

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  • John


    You might want to edit the six steps from the “How To Get The Microsoft Office Military Discount” portion of your post above. The “new” HUP actually does not need programs codes anymore. Basically step 3 is not applicable.

    The entire “Microsoft Military HUP Code Not Working” portion should also be removed since no one in Microsoft will help you with that anymore since no program codes are required in the “new” HUP.

    This should cut down on the confusion since program codes are from the “old” HUP.

  • John

    Hi Spencer,

    Just and FYI for people who want to retrieve their purchases from the old Home Use Program i.e. $10 to $15 Office Pro Plus 2013/2016/2019 and Office Home & Business 2016/2019 may use this link:

    There’s catch though. Your purchases are going to be sent to your *.mil e-mail. There’s no way to sent this to your personal e-mail account. The implication is that if you still have your *mil e-mail you’re still employed by Uncle Sam. If you have no access to it then you’re not anymore employed by Uncle Sam and thus you have no right anymore to be using these products. The old HUP was very specific about this.

  • Clint

    Office Professional Plus 2019 is no longer discounted for the military. I just got off the phone with Microsoft. They said it stopped last month and now the only discount is for Office 365. No more $14.99. Under the HUP FAQ- What has changed with the Home Use Program, “Microsoft is updating the Home Use Program to offer discounts on the latest and most up to date products such as Office 365, which is always up to date with premium versions of Office apps across all your devices. Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office Home and Business 2019 are no longer available as Home Use Program offers.”The DOD needs to talk to Microsoft about this especially since everything we do is on word,excel,ppt…

  • notsob23

    I don’t see the “Other Office Products” link. And when I went to the “Office” page, they don’t even have the Office Professional Plus 2019 listed as a product. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  • James


    Picture above is no longer accurate. If you follow the instructions you will just be taken to this page:

    This page looks nothing like the screen shot above. The “new” HUP appears to only offer Office 365 subscriptions. You have to scroll down to the bottom under “Other Office Products” and then select “Office Professional Plus 2019”. Once that link opens you will have the option to purchase it for $14.99

    All the other instructions are correct.

    • Rod

      Thanks. This is exactly accurate and the problem I was having for days.

    • Mark

      It says the “Page Cannot Be Found” now. I hope it’s temporary and did not get discontinued.

      • Lisa

        Still says the same thing for me, too.

  • sam

    Link is disabled in enterprise email. How do I enable the link for download?

  • Daniel peet

    Just an FYI update on the Microsoft HUP. After about 5 days at 4-5 hours per day, I begin by explaining everything up front. They transfer me around. Each time I have to explain it over again. Each time I have to reenter my email address. Each time I have to forward it out to a civilian email, then close out enterprise and allow them remote access to my civilian email. After a few hours, They tell me to call the DOD and have them enable links. I ask for a supervisor. I go through this process again. Another day wasted. This last time, I told them up front if they ask me to enter my email address again that I just want a supervisor. When I got that guy, I explained the situation again. He told me to go enter my email address on the HUP website, so I asked for his supervisor. I get this new guy, explain everything to him. He tells me to enter my email address on the HUP website. I ask for HIS supervisor and he said, “no.” He demanded I got to the website. So I did. He tells me to enter my email again, so I do. He then tells me to click the link in the email. I ask for his supervisor and he says, “no.” He then tells me to call the DOD and have them allow links in my emails. I tell him I doubt that SECDEF is going to take my call, and he says that my S-6 can do this. My S-6 told me previously that Microsoft is full of crap. I ask him for his supervisor and he still says no. He then tells me to go back to the website and try again. I try to explain, but he cuts me off and starts with, “this is how it’s supposed to work…” at this point I lost it and yelled over him that I want to speak to his supervisor. I did not insult him, nor did I use profanity. He told me I was abusive and now my number is blocked.

    • John

      Several of my buddies who actually handle tech support calls for this specific products tell me that the higher ups at Microsoft are still trying to figure this out. Basically they’re having a hard time getting around the their e-mails having blocked/disabled links. Apparently this is done by the military’s I.T. team.

      My buddies tell me they don’t usually block customer numbers and that rep was just trying to BS you.

      if you really have to callback for help provide the case number you were issued so you don’t have to explain everything all over again and ask that your case be escalated to higher level support. Do not ask for a manger unless it’s absolutely necessary.

      My buddies tell me they’re currently on “be on the lookout” mode those these cases because they don’t have a fix for it yet. But once they do, those cases that have come to them will be called back and helped with the purchasing as much as possible. Currently it’s just taking time for MS engineers to solve this issue with folks from the military.

    • Crystal

      After two hours I just hung up. The same thing happened but instead of going multiple days, I just said forget it. This is horrible service Microsoft

  • John

    @Spencer: Just an FYI for you and your readers here. The move to Office 365 has a huge problem right now that some have already reported here. The e-mail you get after typing in your *.mil e-mail address in has all the links disabled as per DOD policy which stops you cold from being able to purchase the discounted Office products.

    To add insult to injury, Microsoft technical support is going to tell you to contact your I.T. department which is quite ridiculous because from what I understand DOD will not unblock e-mails and you folks end up in a Catch-22 situation.

    My advice to everyone is if Microsoft technical support tells you to contact your I.T. department is to demand for a manager and to have your case elevated to higher level of support. Explain to them the DOD policy on e-mails and how it’s impossible to just ask I.T. to unblock e-mails. Specify that you’re from the U.S. military and that some of Microsoft engineers know about this issue and thus why you’re demanding to be elevated to higher level of support. Use the contact information I’ve posted here in the past.

    Be persistent and patient. This is a problem that has no easy solution either from Microsoft’s end or from DOD’s end.

  • JTee

    I am an with the US Army National Guard. So, I don’t have government computer. I have tried to get the Microsoft Home Use Program through my account; however, when the button link is sent, it is disabled and no URL is available to confirm my email address. The Outlook web app gives me this message…All active links contained in this email were disabled. To the point that the link in the button is non-existent, so I can’t cut and paste to another web page. Any ideas for how to get around this. I have called Tech Support at Microsoft Office and they keep telling me to get your IT guy to fix this.

    • John

      A buddy of mine who works for Tech Support over at MS tells me that this is an ongoing problem. MS is slow to realize that the I.T. department of the military can’t easily be asked to unblock e-mails the same way that it’s done in the private sector.

    • Anonymous

      I’m looking for help on this as well. 3 calls so far with tech support haven’t helped.

  • Emmanuel

    Transaction ID: 42D98132D44638134
    Made a purchase today, but the version is not comparable with MACBOOK. Can I change to an older version of the office?

    • John

      Microsoft products come with a 30 day warranty. Just contact MS using the guide above.

  • Jordan

    COAST GUARD USERS, be sure to save into your work email contacts. This will allow the validation email to get through. I found this knowledge on the HUP site and I finally was able to get the email and make the purchase. Good Luck -ME1 B

  • John


    About this statement above: “Office Professional Plus 2019 is compatible with Windows 10, 8/8.1 and 7.”

    It’s actually only for Windows 10. If you have Windows 7 or 8.1 you can only use Office 365 or 2016 and lower. See:

    Additionally Office Home & Business 2019 — supposedly the Mac version offered in HUP — can actually be used either in a PC or a MAC. Refer to link above.

    So if you buy both offers you get two copies of Office 2019. Useful for people with atleast 2 Windows computers.

    • Spencer

      Interesting about the MAC version allowing you to get two copies. Thank you for the info. I will update the post.

      • Lou

        Hi, I just downloaded one copy of the Office Home & Business 2019 for my iMac. Does the MAC version allow me to download it twice?

        • John

          No. One Mac or PC at one time only. Basically it should not be on another MAC or PC if you installed it on a Mac that you’re currently using.

          @Spencer: The switch from Office 2019 to Office 365 is happening this month. Started last Tuesday, IIRC.

    • Leslie B Bard

      John I’m having trouble with the navy program code, is there a new one?

      • John

        No new one as of the moment. If all else fails call MS and provide them your Navy e-mail address and program code. They should be able to help you out. Go through chat if you don’t want long hold times. See the posted instructions in the article above.

  • Steve Kinchen

    How can retirees get this without a .mil email?

  • Abigail Rose Miksch

    I am at US Air Force Academy and my email ends in is there anyway i can still get this. I have tried with the AF codes, but it doesnt recognize my email

    • Charisse Smith

      Call the helpdesk or ask your supervisor if you have an “” email address. Lots of the AirForce /AirBases are switching from the old emails to Please check with your helpdesk to see if yours end in the new email formats or maybe the a different school email address with possibly @ in the address. I work on base in Kunsan (Gunsan) South Korea! Good Luck!

  • John


    Got some slightly bad news for you and folks who are availing of the Home Use Program.

    The Home Use Program is undergoing a change in the next few months wherein instead of being offered an over 90% discount on Office products. You will instead be offered a 30% discount.

    In addition instead of the the perpetual versions of Office i.e. 2019, 2016, etc., etc., you will be offered Office 365, the subscription version of Office i.e. pay a yearly or monthly fee to be able to use Office.

    This is already happening for HUP outside of the U.S. In Canada, if you select Canada from the original HUP website ( you instantly get redirected to a newer HUP web site ( which had this tiny tidbit in it’s FAQ section:

    “What happened to the prior Home Use Program that offered Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Visio and Project versions to Software Assurance Benefit customers?

    Microsoft will be retiring these product offerings through the Home Use Program and will be offering the most up-to-date Office experience with Home Use Program to Office 365 Home and Personal at a significant discount.”

    Aside from Canada, I’ve confirmed this for folks who qualify for HUP in the Asia-Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand plus parts of Europe including the U.K.


    • Spencer

      John, thanks for your help and advice over the years. And thank you for the advanced warning on this change. Very disappointing news.

      • John

        You’re welcome, Spencer. Glad to be of help. :)

    • Brandi baumann

      How do I get a refund on this? The product key will not work.

      • John


        If you don’t want to be waiting on the phone, try chat support. It requires a Microsoft Account though. Follow the instructions posted by Spencer above the one that says Option 2.

        Once you get to chat rep state right away you want a refund for the product you bought from their Home Use Program. After that provide your order number and work e-mail address.

        They should have enough information to take care of the rest.

    • Maureen Couch

      John, thanks for this information. I was looking for the military discount for 365 (I just got a Chromebook) and your content was super helpful. It’s a bummer the savings won’t be as great, but I’m glad for SOME savings! Much appreciated!

  • Joleen Yandell

    I got it! For MCCS DoD, use 27211136AFD.
    This is for emails ending

    • Adrienne

      ATTN MCCS DOD: I emailed Joleen, the correct code is 2721136AFD. I just received my email!
      Happy New Year!

      • Matt

        Tried this code and it does not work for me. Contacted CS and was told the issue is on my employers end, not theirs. I explained that I suspected it was simply because my email suffix is as opposed to They insisted that there is nothing they can do.

        • William Nolan

          MCCS Okinawa is not eligible for the HUP. You can contact MIS CIO Jeff Hazelbaker and he will verify only MR/MF employees on the HQ server (i.e. everyone except Okinawa) are eligible. He suggests you purchase it through the AAFES exchange at the higher price.

  • Joleen

    Does anyone have the code for USMC DoD? Email

  • Robert McAndrew, U.S. Army, Retired

    I guess my 22+ years of Active Duty in the U.S. Army is not worthy enough to get a Microsoft Office HUP discount for my Macintosh. MS Office for my older laptop, that I purchased through HUP, while Retired, is still working. Of course, on a new Mac Laptop it does not. Guess I’ll have to find somethingelse to use.

    • Mark

      Have you tried LibreOffice?

  • Beerad

    Just wanted to say thanks for the easy to follow directions, i’ve installed office on my desktop PC and surface, worked like a charm! Cheers.

  • Tyler B.

    I’m Army. I used my email address. I’ve tried purchasing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 through HUP twice now using Program Code: ABAD560AD0. I’ve failed twice. Both times, I received this message:
    “We are sorry, but we are unable to complete your request.
    • We are reviewing your purchase at this time. You will receive a confirmation email with your Product Key as well as download instructions when our review has been completed. Please allow 4 to 6 hours for our review to be completed before inquiring about the status of your order. We recommend that you write down or print your Order Number for future reference.”

    I’ve been on the phone with Microsoft Office Technical Support for more than 2 hours. Ready to rip my hair out at this point. After cancelling the first order and repurchasing, I received the same message above. My case has now been escalated to Tier 2 Technical Support because the Program Code I used doesn’t match the billing address country (USA) or something…? I’m currently awaiting a call back from Tier 2 Technical Support within 3-5 business days.

    Taking any and all suggestions…

    • John

      Wait for that call or e-mail from them. They can figure out for you what’s wrong and call or e-mail you when they’ve resolved it. Better that way than you re-purchasing again and again and getting nowhere. In fact, I highly advised anyone who has trouble purchasing to attempt only once and then call Microsoft after that, if still not resolved ask to be escalated to that Tier 2 team of theirs since usually those are their most experienced technicians.

    • John

      Wait for that contact from Tier 2 Support. They usually are the last line of support for this and have a high success rate of resolving your issue. As I mentioned above grit your teeth and be patient. ;)

    • Charisse

      Call help desk. Mines work fine. I use my and it work fine. I just need to go home and get the forward email from my work to my home to download the product. The best way is to call the helpdesk to make sure you email is accurate. Try using your complete name again and also so emails might still be under the or old email addresses prior to the change over to the “”. Good Luck.

  • Eric B

    Worked like a charm!

    For the email addresses, I used the USMC code and it worked.

  • Kyle

    I too did spend about and hour on the phone with Microsoft Office support and Microsoft HUP support. I honestly got no where with Microsoft over the phone help. By dumb luck, I had the Microsoft validation email in my Coast Guard inbox and then just forwarded to my personal email. I would just and see if you can receive the validation email from Microsoft. I purchased Microsoft Office on December 1st 2018.

    • John

      Call Microsoft again and demand to be escalated to their Tier 2 team if you don’t get the validation e-mail. Those Tier 2 people know what to do if you can get to them. The first ones that answer when you call or chat are frontline folks with little to no experience handling this issue. Again, grit your teeth and be patient. ;)

  • Gregory

    Awesome! I have a 2011 Mac and my office is so outdated! I went to the exchange and they have a year subscription for 29.99 but this is probably the best deal out there. Thank you so much for providing this!

  • John

    @Ann: It actually does work provided you get the right representative and have tons of patience. The problem is getting a knowledgeable technician to help you out in this scenario since only a small amount of people at Microsoft know this problem.

    My advice will be the same as what I told Andy below, if all else fails ask for a supervisor and demand to be escalated to higher level of support. That should get you the help you need. Bottom line refuse to be turned away or referred to the I.T. department citing DOD policy. Grit your teeth and be persistent. Good luck. If you have a service request number with Microsoft tech support, demand to be escalated to higher level of support.

  • Michael

    I have a work email address that ends in Is there a reason why this does not work? I work for DHS.

    • John


      Have you contacted Microsoft support as detailed in the post above?

      What did they tell you when you mentioned to them that your DHS e-mail address does not work in the HUP web site?

      Also, what exactly happens if you go to the HUP web site and type in your work DHS e-mail address most of the time you won’t be asked for a code.

  • Ann

    I spoke with over 3 technicians for over an hour on the phone who all said that it is an internal Coast Guard problem and you would have to work with HR/IT to fix it. Microsoft is unable to provide any assistance. I would recommend updating this guide to reflect that! This guide is a misleading to make you believe that if you spend the time with customer service, they can help. Please revise!

  • John

    @Andy: A little white lie by saying “I already have contacted them and they can’t do anything about it” or cite DOD policy which the I.T. people will use as a reason why they won’t help you. That usually gets you the help you need from the Microsoft technician. You can also quote the “Coast Guard” portion of Spencer’s post above and replace Coast Guard with your branch of service and that will usually get you the help you need. If all else fails ask that technician that you want to talk to a supervisor. That should get you the help you need. Bottom line refuse to be turned away or referred to the I.T. department. Grit your teeth and be persistent. Good luck. ;)

  • Andy

    I’ve been trying this all day, they just keep saying contact your IT department. I’m at a loss of what else to tell them at this point

  • Andy

    So far I have been trying for days and no one seems to be able to help me. They just say to contact the internet service provider for the email to have the email unblocked. Coast Guard here.

    • John

      @Andy: You probably got a newbie who does not know any better. Follow my suggestions that was my reply to your post on October 29, 2018 at 11:35.

  • John is an Army address. Not Navy. Use the Army program code above when going to the HUP website.

  • Anonymous

    My navy code also didn’t work, I used the code for one of the fellow branch listed under Navy. Keep trying!

  • Anonymous

    I had the same issue, I had to re-enter it up to 5 times for it to finally go through, keep trying!

  • Anonymous

    I’m having the same issue with it not recognizing my address (NAVY)

  • John

    @Spencer: FYI. The HUP web site now offers Office 2019 at roughly $15 instead of the $10 for Office 2016 before. There is no backup DVD or USB option this time. It’s an all digital download.

    • Spencer

      John – keep the great comments coming! Updated the post, thanks!

  • Scotti

    10.18.2018 – The link brings up Office 2019 now and there is no way to put in the code. It won’t recognize address

    • Spencer

      Thanks for the update. You should be able to put in the code after typing in your DOD email address. It’s working for me as of 19 Oct.

  • Anonymous

    ABAD560AD0 worked with my address.

  • Walter

    Attempted to use my address and it prompted me for a code. Navy code does not work. I tried calling Microsoft Support and they told me that my email address hasn’t been registered for the HUP. Anyone else having problems?

    • Spencer

      Do you have another address you use when on shore? is not included in the Navy HUP package, as described in the Navy section above.

  • John


    If you can add this in the information for the Coast Guard program code:

    If your a member of the Coast Guard you need to call or chat with Microsoft Support. Due to Coast Guard I.T. department’s policies on outside e-mails, any CG member will never get the validation e-mail that will allow them to purchase the Office products of their choosing through the Home Use Program. You basically have to grit your teeth and contact Microsoft for help using the guide I posted earlier.

    Also, please be patient and don’t take it out your frustration on the technician you get because the problem is solely with the Coast Guard’s I.T. department who are unwilling to unblock validations e-mails from Microsoft which the Microsoft technician cannot do anything about but use a workaround that takes time.


    • Spencer

      Thanks John, another great tip! Added the info to the post.

    • Anonymous

      I just tried with a Coast Guard e-mail address and it worked just fine. The e-mail was even sent to my inbox and not my junk folder.

  • John Gregorio

    tried to put my work email.. haven’t received an email from them? waited for 6hours already

    • Spencer

      Recommend waiting another 6 hours then contacting the Microsoft help as described in the post.

  • Anonymous

    how do I submit the codes?

    • Spencer

      By clicking here and entering your email address and code when asked during the check out process.

  • kimd

    What code do we use if w have a email adress ?

    • Spencer

      Try the Army code ABAD560AD0 and please let me know if it works so I can update the post. Thanks!

  • Nate

    Navy station in Japan and my email is @FE.NAVY.MIL. I need Excel for a class at UMUC and having the other programs would be nice as well. The code DAB143CCC2 worked for me!

  • Anonymous

    I used this code and it worked for the USCG email! 445DF3F5E5

  • Erin Young

    The above code does not work for account. I am getting the error code asking to verify if my work email and code are correct.

    • John

      Follow the instructions above about calling Microsoft. Let them figure it our for you.

  • Anonymous

    In my experience (Navy) the HUP reply is sent to your .mil email; from there you complete the transaction and forward the down-stream link to your personal email, to then load to your home CPU.
    Also, check your .mil SPAM folder; it “may” have gone there.

  • george

    I keep entering the Air Force program code and it says Congratulations your email will be sent, but I have yet to receive an email.

    Is anyone having this problem or is that the right program code for the Air Force

    • John

      Use the instructions above to contact Microsoft. They can usually help you out. Just be patient though since the support team for this is not as big as you might think.

  • John

    Coast Guard: B7F5409CA4

    TSA-DHS: D47F29C596

    Jarheads: 3BA9CE3008

    @JWL: You need access to our your work e-mail (.mil or .gov) in order to avail of the HUP program. If you don’t have access to that e-mail no dice.

    • Spencer

      Extremely helpful, I will add it to the post. Thank you John!

  • Anonymous

    US MARINES code does not work, says error with URL. Any luck anyone.

  • MSG Chuck Kincaid

    The code for Army (ABAD560AD0) worked for me. Will stop by work this weekend to see what the link says to do next.

  • JWL

    Any way to get this as a retiree? I did this several years ago, while active, just wanted to update from office 2013 to 2016…

  • Erin Young

    Coast Guard code yet?

    • Spencer

      Try B7F5409CA4 and let us know.

  • Cynthia Steimle

    Anyone have the code for Air Force?

    • Spencer

      4A82EF7B8F. It’s above.

  • Anonymous

    Any code for the Coast Guard?

  • David G

    Thanks! This code worked for me!

    • Erin Young

      I tried the above code for and it didn’t work.


    Any valid codes for US Coast Guard (.mil on DOD domain) although member of Department of Homeland Security?

  • Anonymous

    All Navy, as of today M/S HUP offers Office Pro 16; I just completed my order tonight.

    • Sean Conway

      What code did you use?

      • Anonymous

        DAB143CCC2 = Navy, (and now has Office Pro 16 on the docket).

  • Mike

    Only real problem is you can only use Office on one machine and you can’t purchase a second copy. Haven’t found a way yet to uninstall on one computer and reinstall on another. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

    • John

      You can call Microsoft support at 1-800-936-5700 (North America) or contact chat support at (Note: You’ll chat with a robot first and then after a few answers your get a live person). FYI. They assist with re-installation issues for free.

      If you want to do it yourself just make sure the computer that had Office before is not online anymore or dead and then install Office on the new computer you want it on using the product key and download link you got when you first purchase Office.

      If you lost access to the key and download link your last hope is to contact Microsoft. Provide them you .gov or .mil e-mail address, your complete name and program code and they’ll get you the key and download link. They will support you for free.

      • Spencer

        Awesome info, thanks John!

      • Spencer

        John – your awesome comment about what to do if codes aren’t working got deleted accidently. Could you post it again? Much obliged! I want to add it to the post to help others.

        • John

          Sure. No problem. If I could ask for a small favor though I need to correct that post you published above here’s the corrected version:

          Some service branches have multiple program codes as you may have noticed with the Coast Guard one. Also some joint commands like SOCOM ( might or might not work. For members of those commands joint commands – think the military term is purple — use your service branch’s e-mail address if the joint command one does not work i.e. Army (, Navy (, Marines (, Air Force (

          Best advice for folks who work in government (state or local) or the military is to contact Microsoft Technical Support if the program codes don’t work for you. The agents that you can get in touch with can validate for you the work e-mail address and if not working they will help you out to get the Office products purchased and installed FOR FREE! They can figure out which program code to use actually.

          Option 1:
          Phone: 1-800-936-5700 or 1-800-642-7676 (Microsoft Technical Support for North America)

          NOTE: You first have to answer a robot some basic questions and then you get a live person. To shortcut the process say this: “I have a problem with the Office Professional Plus 2016 product from the Home Use Program. I can’t purchase Office.” and in a perfect world you usually get a live person after that. Long wait time though since there are only a small number of people that support these kinds of products.

          Option 2:
          Contact chat support through this link:

          NOTE: Chat requires a Microsoft Account. Click the link above and in that link click the box that says “Get Started” and you then first have to answer a robot a series of questions and use the same spiel as when contacting Microsoft by phone. After that you should get a chat link, which then requires the Microsoft Account. If you don’t have one, you have to create one. Check this link on how to create a Microsoft Account:

          Once you get a real person via phone or chat, please be very specific and patient with them. Say you’re buying Office through the Home Use Program and provide your government or military e-mail address and they can take it from there. If the program code does not work tell the technician right away.

          • Spencer

            Corrected, thank you so much!

  • 11A O-3

    Army code is good!

  • Anonymous

    23 Jul, address use 3BA9CE3008 still only Project and Visio.

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried using the Army code?

  • Anonymous

    Correct! As of late 20JUL18 the Navy offer is only for Project and Visio.
    I contacted the Navy CIO and they said it’s some glitch that Microsoft is aware of and is working on.
    It doesn’t make much sense to me, as the lead banner at the M/S HUP site claims what a great deal ($19.95) for both the download and CD backup.

    They are right; this is a great deal, one we would all like to participate in, eh?
    Navy users just have to keep checking……

  • Jason

    Trying DAB143CCC2 with my account and I’m only seeing Visio and Project as options….. NOT office 2016. Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    DAB143CCC2 worked, thanks!

  • David Nicol

    I reached out to NMCI helpdesk on a link I found on the DONCIO site and they said 3BA9CE3008 should work for the Microsoft Office program as designed for accounts. They also told me to contact Marine Corps Software Acquisition Team which I did and I am now waiting on a response.

  • Anonymous

    All, I have to squelch my initial glee; like a big dope I mistakenly purchased Project 16 instead of Office 16.
    For my Navy home-port site only Project and Visio are available through the HUP, even though there is an announcement banner for Office….go figure. So, while the Navy code works it appears the HUP offer is presently half-baked and missing Office 16.
    Still, it’s a good deal for both, but I really hope the Navy didn’t make a mistake with the new contract, accidentally leaving Office off the buy…..

    • John

      Use the instructions above to call Microsoft. They can refund those kind of purchases.

  • Anonymous

    thanks so much, been following for the new NAVY code. the one you posted on July 19th worked ( DAB143CCC2 ) for my husband’s email which is a address. Really appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    Correct, Chelsea; I made my transaction while on my .mil WIN10 CPU through the Homport and the Navy code worked flawlessly.
    I really can’t vouch for the USMC code.
    I don’t think the USCG is a DoD entity, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get it to work for USMC

    • Chelsea

      The one i have for USMC is 3BA9CE3008

      • David Nicol

        DAB143CCC2 is not working for my account. 3BA9CE3008 only works to offer me project or visio on my account.

        • Chelsea

          I’m sorry David. I got the information from homeport. Those are the two codes that were listed for Navy and USMC. I know the Navy code worked for my account. I’m not sure about the Homeport was updated with that information yesterday. I wish I could be more help.

  • Chelsea

    Current Navy Program Code as of 18JUL2018

    • Spencer

      Thanks, can anyone corroborate this?

      • Anonymous

        I just completed my purchase; please spread the good news.
        Tom Mack

    • Cy

      I’m trying the current navy program code it but it doesn’t work. Is the code change already?

  • lil jimmy

    For the love of sweet little baby jesus, can someone get the USCG code! We got effin work to do!

  • Erin Young

    I am not sure. Would it be DOD?

  • Erin Young

    I am also looking for the new code for USCG. I tried the current code and I am only getting the option of Project and Visio. Any news on when then new one will be out?

    • Spencer

      Do you know what agency is responsible for the USCG program?

  • Tom Mack

    Still no word on the DON code? It’s been 6 weeks now since the “new” contract was let 01JUN18.
    i understand the WIN10 upgrade is taking a toll, but isn’t this simply a contractual implementation issue??

    • Spencer

      Still no word. I pinged the POC last week and he didn’t give me an ETA.

      • Tom Mack

        I as well contacted my (Navy) POC and this was the reply:

        “Mr. Mack,

        Unfortunately, there is not a firm date for when the new HUP Program Code will become available, but it should be soon. Once we receive the new Program Code, the HomePort page will be updated.”

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed 3BA9CE3008 is for Project and Visio only for USMC

  • Tyler

    I just verified that the Army code works.

  • Anonymous

    I have tried all the codes for the services, none work with my email. If anyone else has any luck, please let me know.

  • Anonymous

    I thought DoD employees also got this price. Is it only for active military?

    • Spencer

      As long as you have an email ending in .mil from one of the above services I think you should be able to get the discount. Try it and let us know!

  • Tamara

    I am putting in my military email. it ends with Can you please give me the promo code?

  • James

    I tried the new Navy code that was posted in this comment thread. It only gave me the option to buy either Microsoft Project or Visio.

    • Matt

      I got the same thing. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Anonymous

    I am Army AD and it worked for me! Thanks for the code!

  • Anonymous

    Just used the Army code at the top and it worked for me. Thank you for this site and all of your help and time. It goes a long way and helps a lot of people!

  • Anonymous

    Can I install the one license on multiple devices, or can I buy multiple licenses for more than one home devices?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve installed it twice using my email, but I cannot install it again on my new computer….

  • John

    New Navy program code and probably for the Marines as well as of June 26, 2018: 3BA9CE3008

    Can anyone else confirm?

    • Brauny

      Good morning/afternoon all. I tried the new code and it is not working. Can someone else verify?

    • Brauny

      Code did not work.

    • Anonymous

      I’m USMC and it worked for me.

    • Rob

      Code worked for me. AD Marine Corps

    • Chuck

      After more than an hour on the phone (including being transferred FOUR times) with Microsoft, I was able to confirm that this code is for the Project Professional 2016 and Visio Professional 2016 only – it does NOT cover Office under the Home Use Program

    • Jasmine

      I am Navy and this is the only code to work for me so far

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this page, I had to use google to find this page and get the code since the chess page wouldn’t open for me here in Italy. I just got the page from my work email and it seems to be working.

  • Mike D.

    Still waiting on Navy codes, hopefully something soon, since it would be nice to have for school.

  • Jeremy

    In the Army and used code ABAD560AD0. Thanks for posting this

    • Ed

      How many copies can I purchase? I have multiple computers.

      • John

        Two. Office Home & Business 2019 and Office Professional Plus 2019. Both works in Windows even though the first one is for a Mac in the 2016 version. But they require Windows 10.

  • Robert V Dooley Jr

    As per above. The NAVY code (or codes) are not working

    • Spencer

      See official response from Navy HUP management above. There should be Navy codes within a week or so.

      • William J Gehrig

        Thanks for the update, Spencer. Patiently awaiting code.

  • Anonymous

    USMC code is not working either. It appears that the contact expired just after June 4th?

  • Lisa AndJeff Brewster

    Same here… Navy codes for are NOT working…. Definitely would like the new code.

  • KO

    I think the Dept of Navy needs a new code for those trying to purchase after JUNE 1, 2018, due to a new contract. I haven’t had any luck finding it and the ones from March aren’t working for me. Anyone know?

    • Anonymous

      Looking for USN code as well…looks like none of them work

      • Spencer

        I’m looking for a new code, standby.

        • William J Gehrig

          Thanky for what you’re doing, Spencer. I would also appreciate the code for USN. My company isn’t any help on getting this.

        • Anonymous

          New Army code: ABAD560AD0

        • Michael

          New Army code; ABAD560AD0

          • Spencer

            Thanks, added to the post.

  • Paul

    Any codes for Canada Military?

    • John

      Check with your benefits administrator. Or call Microsoft using the instructions above and give them your military e-mail. I know for a fact the UK’s Ministry of Defense and New Zealand’s armed forces have an HUP program.

  • Anonymous

    It says it worked, and that I should have an email; there is no email. I have tried all the codes and still have no email. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Margaret Beasley

    the question about disabled and retired military was not answered. Do they have a program for them if not why not?

    • Spencer

      I do not think they have a similar program because it is offered under the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP). I assume this discount is offered because the DOD buys so many Microsoft licenses for Office.

  • Anonymous

    Worked for me, the first code at the top for army…thanks!

  • Gerald Evans

    Is this offer available for retired military personnel or DA Civilians?

    • Spencer

      If you have a .gov or .mil email address it should work.

  • Sarah Meadows

    I see so many people have used this site and codes, so I’m very excited…however, my computer keeps saying the site is dangerous and has the warning screen pop up. Did anyone else experience this? Did you just go ahead to the page? Could it be my network?

    • Spencer

      Which site is giving you the “dangerous” warning?

    • Dawn

      I actually got the “site blocked” problem from one of the links on this page (I don’t remember which). The system has been acting up tonight, so it may have been that, although the rest of the time, I just couldn’t access sites from my regular shortcuts.
      I just used a different HUP link from the google search, and it worked using the Air Force code.

      Thank you very much for this article. Now to forward the email and go home.

  • Tina Bryan

    I am typing in my address but it is telling me to try a valid email. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Barry

    Although, I probably know the answer to my question. I was wondering why retired or disabled or retired disabled veterans are not offered a similar military discount for Office products.

    • Anonymous

      The discount isnt to help the service member, its to help the units. The benefit is for AD because the various branches use MS Office products in day to day activities. To facilitate the proficiency of the AD members in MS Office suite, they came up with this program get more members using it at home. This would in turn improve their usage at work, theoretically. Like many benefits, some are limited to time of service, and more recent veterans/retirees who utilized this benefit before separating should still benefit, but wont be able to acquire any new licenses.

  • Shavon

    So I followed the directions and it said it will send me an email to my military email. However, I’m confused on the downloading part since I am not supposed to download anything on a government computer and how am I going to get it on my home computer which is where I actually need Microsoft word if I download it on my work computer?

    • Spencer

      Forward the email from your government email address to your personal one. Download on your personal computer.

  • Sonia

    Can this be installed on more than one computer?

  • Anonymous

    How come (disable veterans) does get the opportunity to use this discount from the program. Some of us doesn’t have a job due to our disability.?

  • CTN1

    AD Navy. Was not successful without code or with code for address. However, I used 18DCD3115E and it worked.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not working for me either

  • Elizabeth Bull

    Can retired military use this offer? My husband no longer has a military email.

  • Anonymous

    I was able to use the code!

  • Anonymous

    Sends me a link but the link brings me back to the eligibility page…. not sure what’s happening. I’ve tried multiple times with the same result.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I am AD Army and it worked for me.

    • Spencer

      Great, thank you for the confirmation!

  • Mario

    Is the price per month?

    • Spencer

      No, one time payment.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this page together! I’m AD Air Force and the code worked for me!

  • Anonymous

    I am not having any luck with the link provided. is there a new link?

    • Spencer

      I have updated all the links, please let me know if they are not still not working for you, thanks!

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Is there possibly a new link? I tried the link mentioned above but it just takes me to the Microsoft Home Page.

    • Spencer

      Updated the links, thanks for letting me know!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for updating!!! :-)

  • TJ C

    Hey Spencer, first off thanks for putting the time in to run this site, I’ve read every article. Have you heard of the program codes not working for anyone? I’ve tried both Navy program codes but I receive an error reading “If you still have problems, please contact your benefit administrator to learn if you are eligible and to retrieve your program code.” Active duty Navy if it helps.

    Thanks, TJ

    • TJ C

      In case anyone else runs into this issue, I had success using this code: 18DCD3115E which is labeled for NGEN USMC above however I am USN.


      thanks for all the hard work Spencer. does anyone know how to remedy an oversight, I accidentally put in my code for visio and project manager package instead of the Microsoft home and student. I caught myself before purchasing it and went back and applied for the home and student but now the new link also takes me to visio and project manager program. I tried a different code as well and it still gives me a link to purchase visio or project manager. any help will be awesome.

      • John

        Home Use Program products are not tied to the program code. It’s tied to the work e-mail address you use.

        It’s possible you have already purchased Office in the past and thus the reason why you only get the potion to buy Visio and Project.

        Better call Microsoft as described in the guide above and let them take are of it.

        Also HUP comes with Office 2016 Pro Plus for Windows and Office Home and Business 2016 for Macs.